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MCh Basha x  Sarula Lupani Biko

8  puppies ( 4 males + 4 females)




Pedigree no.: LOI 02-151332
Microchip:  985120007031225
Tatoo: –
Date of birth: 10.07.2002
Country of birth: Italy
Sire:MCh Shangani Pansa Dafina
Dam: MCh Maya delle Cime Bianche
Breeder: Sara Venturelli  Owner: Sara Venturelli 
Color: dark red wheaten
Size: cm 64,5 Weight: kg 37

Test Results:

  • HD: B
  • ED: 0
  • OCD: –
  • Heart Test: Normal
  • Thyroid Test: –
  • DM (Degenerative Myelopathy): clear
  • EOAD (Early Onset Adult Deafness):
  • Dilute Status: –

Special Note

  • Selected Reproducer ENCI


 Young Champions:

  • Young Italian Champion
  • Young Republic of San Marino
  • Young European Champion 2003
  • Young Champion of Club RRCI 2003

  • Alpe Adria Winner 2004
  • Bodensee-Sieger 004
  • Belgium Winner 2004
  • Mediterranean Winner 2004
  • Champion of Club RRCI 2004
  • Alpe Adria Winner 2005
  • Champion Of Club RRCI 2006
  • Italian Champion
  • International Champion
  • Slovenian Champion
  • Montenegro Champion
  • Croatian Champion
  • Swiss Champion
  • Republic of San Marino Champion
  • Luxembourg Champion
  • VDH Champion
  • Reproducer Champion
  • Austrian Champion
  • Champion of  RR Club Zagreb 2008 Jiudge Orit Nevo
Special Prizes:

  • Trophy”Challenge Johokwe” 2003 Best Bitch Club Show RRCI Judge Richard Van Aken
  • Trophy “Challenge Johokwe” 2004 Best Bitch Club Show RRCI Judge Orit Nevo
  • Trophy “Challenge Johokwe” 2005 Best Bitch Club Show RRCI judge Linda Costa
  • Trophy Giannino Marzotto 2013 Best Veteran Club Show RRCI judge Sandra Fikes


Pedigree no.:
Date of birth:
Country of birth:
Sire: Ch Chilolo Boomerang
Dam: BISS Zim Ch Sarula Gukatiwa
Breeder Sarula – Linda Costa    Owner: Rosemary Green
Color: red wheaten
Size: cm 66     Weight: kg 39

Test Results:

  • HD: A
  • ED: 0 / 0
  • OCD: –
  • Heart Test:
  • Thyroid Test:  Normal
  • DM (Degenerative Myelopathy):
  • EOAD (Early Onset Adult Deafness):
  • Dilute Status: –

Thanks Rosemary for give me Biko’s semen

Biko was bred by Linda Costa who moved with her family and
three dogs from Zimbabwe to Australia in 2000.
Linda bred a litter from her lovely bitch, Tiwa, and I felt honoured
when Linda decided to use frozen semen from a dog I bred in 1984
called Aust Ch Chilolo Boomerang (Macho).

We were lucky to be able to purchase our choice of the boys from
the Tiwa/Macho litter and we named Biko ( Aust Ch Sarula Lupani Biko AI).
Biko is a beautiful deep, rich, clear African red wheaten color with
great expressiion.
He is extremely intelligent, has loads of personality and a very strong
hunting instinct. He easily gained his Australian championship title with
many In Group awards along the way.

Career Highlights :
Challenge Dog at the Brisbane Royal Exhibition 2004
Reserve Challenge Dog at the Sydney
Royal Easter Show 2004
2nd place Junior Dog Class 2005 Newcastle RR Show
Best Puppy in Show Sydney RR Specialty 2003
Multiple Class in Group Awards
Multiple Sweepstakes Wins at All Breeds Show

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